Bulbs… beautiful bulbs


Last October I took a weekend to focus on planting bulbs ready for spring. In the past week there have been signs of life within these pots of anticipation. Here you can see some daffodils getting ready for some blooming. They are planted in a shallow blue bowl as I remember Grandma saying how much she likes daffodils in blue containers! Behind is a pot with scarlet pansies. Despite a few days of colder weather than normal for an Austin winter, the pansies seem to be able to survive just about anything.


Not sure what I planted here. I think it may be ranunculus and some anemone…I suppose that is the fun of planting bulbs and having to wait a few months for the results.


Ok…these aren’t from bulbs. I had some red geraniums that did not survive the winter. Last weekend I replaced them with a pink version and potted them yesterday.


Anemone? Quite a striking colour purple whatever they are.

Sally's Allotment