Bargain Buy

On the way to pick up a sarnie, I pulled up next to a friend at the traffic lights. He rolled down the window and told me to get to Home Depot as they had a deal on five shrubs for $10. I picked up five Fortnight Lily/African Iris shrubs. I may not be able to plant them for a few days, but I’ve got the perfect spot in the back garden.

I did have to shuffle things around in the car to fit them in. I didn’t realize that the downsize of my new car would be having to play krypton factor every time I go overboard at the garden center. Here is a shot from an earlier trip. It takes a bit of planning and rearranging but I haven’t had to leave anything behind yet:


Good neighbors and Lady Vera

One of the biggest pleasures of being in the garden (especially a corner garden) is getting to pause and chat with neighbors and friends walking by. And our number one neighbors are Trish and Sandy. Not only are they fab friends, but they also look out for our pets as if they are their own. Most days I come home to find Jack and Mickey peering out at me from under Trish and Sandy’s fence.
One morning this week, I noticed something unfamiliar by one of my pots up front. A ‘pet rock’ to remember our zombie cat, Vera. Thanks, Trish!

Pet Rock

And here is Lady V on one of her last jaunts around the garden. It’s going to be strange gardening this summer and not seeing her lazing in the sun or rubbing up against the pots.

Zombie Cat

It’s raining, it’s pouring

All plans for another weekend pottering and clearing up the garden vanished when we woke up to it chucking it down. Instead, we took a few photos and determined the damage from this week’s frost.

The geraniums that I was so proud of last weekend are goners. Looks like it will be yet another trip to find replacements:

Sad Geraniums

Considering it won’t be too long until we are begging for rain, the poppies, aretemisia, and lambs ear seem to be determined to hang on to whatever water droplets they can:



Lambs Ear

And, despite some casualties of the frost, there are a few things emerging, including these grasses that have self-seeded:

Self Seed Grass

Water free zone



These two pots are by the side of the carport and there are no water access points close by so it seems the perfect spot for some succulents. These were acquired this weekend and transplanted quickly into pots (usually it takes me a good couple of weeks to get around to potting new buys)!

Mystery plants



One section of the extension to Al’s garden was set aside for experimentation. I threw a bunch of seeds out in October of last year and now I’m starting to see some results. Unfortunately, I have no idea what they are…hopefully, time will tell.

The bluebonnets are here


Bluebonnets are the state wildflower of Texas. They remind me a bit of bluebells in that they spread like crazy and manage to survive anywhere, even in the middle of highways. I have three different patches throughout the garden. The first was a couple of plants in Al’s side garden and I transplanted a couple of plants and scattered some seeds in the extension of the garden. Here is the first bloom of 2014. Tourists travel to central Texas to take photos in the fields of bluebonnets but I don’t think I have planted enough to expect any crowds journeying to Cloverleaf Corner.


Magnolia burst


This is currently the ‘showstopper’ bloom in Al’s garden. In the past week it has gone from tight pink buds to multiple full flowers. It looks lovely but unfortunately does not have a scent (although it looks like it should). We’ve had quite a few folks ask if they could take a photo of this gem. An added bonus is you can see Chris’ handy work from the weekend–power-washing the fence!

Sally's Allotment