Do you like my new bloomers?

The iris are starting to bloom at the front of the house. Last October, I found an orange pot that I thought would be a great contrast to the iris and daylillies that bloom in front of it so I’ve been dying to see this year’s crop of bulbs show up. Doesn’t look like I will have to wait much longer.

A bulb that I purchased on line is beginning to show its orange poker blooms and it looks like the number of flowers has doubled from last year.

My larkspur is showing off the brilliant blue-purple flowers that brighten up spring just as my poppies are starting to fade. I do like the look of the pods though as they start to wilter. Tom’s job next weekend will be to harvest the poppy pods so we we have seeds for 2019. And just when he finishes moaning about having to do that, it will be time to do the same for the bluebonnets and larkspur!

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