Sunday pottering

A pleasant Sunday morning spent pottering—tying back or cutting back shrubs, staking up my tomato plants and taking a few photos of blooms I hadn’t spotted before. I could swear the bushes behind the pool have never had white blooms on them for the past seven years, or maybe I’ve never noticed. The red columbine that didn’t appear last year is back, and my drift roses are happy. Plus some different iris that I must purchased last season, coneflower from my neighbor, a replaces purple Datura and a lovely combo of larkspur and poppy

Wall flower

I mentioned in an earlier post that I’ve been enjoying a book about Sissinghurst gardens. I decided to try their trailing method on my Wollerton Old Hall David Austin roses. Today, Chris helped me stake a few stems to the wall so I could remove the trellis that she had already outgrown.

Do you like my new bloomers?

The iris are starting to bloom at the front of the house. Last October, I found an orange pot that I thought would be a great contrast to the iris and daylillies that bloom in front of it so I’ve been dying to see this year’s crop of bulbs show up. Doesn’t look like I will have to wait much longer.

A bulb that I purchased on line is beginning to show its orange poker blooms and it looks like the number of flowers has doubled from last year.

My larkspur is showing off the brilliant blue-purple flowers that brighten up spring just as my poppies are starting to fade. I do like the look of the pods though as they start to wilter. Tom’s job next weekend will be to harvest the poppy pods so we we have seeds for 2019. And just when he finishes moaning about having to do that, it will be time to do the same for the bluebonnets and larkspur!

Random shots for April

The faithful pomegranate blooms on cue every year and wows me each time. I’ve now  got three trees scattered around the back garden. I’m also glad to see my root rhubarb is doing well–this was the first thing I grew in our garden at Wood Road and I’m hoping for some rhubarb crumble later in the season. The tobacco seeds I got during our trip to Virginia have been a success. Some of the bulbs I planted last year are hitting their stride and the  pots on the front porch are a nice welcome home every day…

Hedgehog Cactus

This is the first year my hedgehog cactus bloomed. My enjoyment for cactus and succulents continues to grow despite not having much time for them a few years ago. Yesterday, I hit up the Austin Cactus and Succulent show at Zilker Botanical Gardens and managed to find one owl-eye cactus plant that I love. Mine got killed off this past winter.