New Project for March 2017

I’ve been debating what to do with the side garden at the back of the house for a while now. Over Christmas, Katie and I tried to find some large blue and white pots to match my patio collection but were unsuccessful. I’d also considered some modern metal planters. As I’ve been driving around checking out the spring stock at each of the local nurseries, I found myself drawn to the more rustic classic pots and decided to do an eclectic collection alone the fence. Despite my attempts to use my mini when I go to nurseries in order to limit my purchases, I always end up having to be creative to fit everything in! Here’s how the project looks mid-completion.


Chinese Lanterns

I remember loving the paper thin exoticness of chinese lanterns in Wood Road. A couple of years ago, I found this abutilon plant which seemed to have a close resemblance to the orange blooms of Codsall. This year, the flurry of lanterns tripled and it’s quite a show stopper.


Old Pals

March is the month of anticipation at Cloverleaf. And despite this being my fourth year of gardening, I still get concerned that some of my favorites won’t make it through the couple of frosts we get. Luckily for me, these old faithfuls keep showing back up. Whether it be the bluebonnet, larkspur, pomegranate (which I’ll revisit when it’s in full bloom), or chinese ground orchid , it’s always good when these guys show up for the springtime reunion.

Planet Earth

Although I’m able to stay out in the garden past dusk due to a handy corner street lamp, when it does get dark we’ve been watching Planet Earth. No snow leopards or hyenas are roaming our yard, but we do see the occasional wild beast