Revisit I

Here’s a look at some of the plants that I shared a month or so ago. There’s been quite a lot of growth and Chris’ orchid addiction seems to be paying off, The yellow and black/purple orchid fascinates me and seems to change every morning


I have somehow fallen into collecting begonias. Last year I only branched as far as the strawberry begonia, but this year I couldn’t resist a couple of beauties from Red Barn Nursery – the Begonia Rex – Lalomie, the Angel wing Begonia “Sinbad’, and the Begonia Cowardly Lion (what a fab name):


The abnormally warm winter in Austin means the roses are already popping! Two of my David Austin beauties (Molineux and Mayflower) are already blooming.  So many blooms that I snipped a few to bring indoors. And of course, the very Texas friendly, knockout rose as well as a lovely coral rose. The light pink is a bush that was here when we moved in and has survived hardscaping and much mowing down over the years when we created the front yard area.

Orchid overload

After basketball this morning, I dragged Chris and Tom to the Orchid  Sale at Zilker Botanical Gardens. Tom was not impressed, but Chris ended up buying 11 different plants. I’ll make a gardener of him yet! One of my goals for this year is to learn more about the proper names for different plants so I’m including a photo of my attempt to capture both the look and the name of each plant from the start.


Break through

Looks like spring is starting to sneakily break through into the garden. This morning, I noticed a couple of lovely ranunculus blooms, a peep of my orange esperansa, the mint beginning its takeover, and the poppies fighting back. Should be an interesting year. All these glimpses of the future motivated me to do the less exciting tasks like reviewing the irrigation system schedule for 2017.