Found plants

after the past two weeks of rains, today it was an adventure to get out into the garden to see what new flowers have bloomed. Those plants that appear out of nowhere are the ones I enjoy the most. Today I spotted the first sprouts of purple basil that returns each year,  some thistley-flowers that I almost dug up last week, some larkspur sprouting up through the gravel driveway, and the progress of the morning glory that invades our garden from four doors down:

image image image image

Zilker Garden Festival buys

I picked up a few fun items at the Zilker Garden festival this weekend including some different types of begonias, bromeliads, and garden art. Then I came home, potted up my buys and took some new photos. Something smells lovely in the front garden and I cannot work out if it is the roses or rosemary or abloc of both. And my pomegranate tree is about to burst into orange flashes of blooms.