March 22 2016

The sunny evenings and bright mornings make it easy to lose track of time in the garden. Here are a few shots from this morning. The latest Davod Austin, Mayflower, has loads of buds about to pop. My tortoise carries the weight of a geranium whose name I’ve forgotten. The blue and hot pink blooms from the corner of the patio and the ‘Flaming Katies’ are still going strong since Christmas. Surveying the spring changes is making me late for work!

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First days of spring

Enjoyed spending some time in the garden on Sunday and exploring my neighbor, Daphne’s beautiful garden. She shared some coneflower and fall aster pass-alongs with me. This evening I planted those transplants and took a few shots of some buys I made this weekend (along with some new arrivals that are popping up from seeds planted in the fall).

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Saturday in the garden continues

made a quick trip to the garden center and came back with quite a haul. Tried a new trick of taking photos of the plants as I planted them with their name tag and location so I won’t forget what is where. Also picked up a few ladybugs aka ladybirds to distribute. And captured a couple of garden vignettes that I hadn’t noticed before-an accidental grouping of plants by the front door, and a group of bluebonnets attempting to hide our wheelie bins!



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Rain refreshener

A quick revisit of some plants or pots I may have already shared but they look so happy after the showers. The cyclamen were in the bargain section of a nursery and on sale for the equivalent of 25p…they look better than the ones for which I paid eight times that much! I’d shared the blue and white pots in an earlier post but didn’t really focus on the flowers inside! I’m especially liking the red tinges on the succulents. My pansies and violas are going strong despite the ivy invasion in some pots–and are getting many visitors. ┬áPlus, I need to celebrate keeping lavender alive for more than two weeks!

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Early March 2016

This morning a lady stopped by that I had spoken with a few months ago when I offered up some plants for her new garden plan. Today she arrived with her son and granddaughter in tow and we loaded up her car with lambs ear, bluebonnet, rock rose, red phlox, standing cypress, Mexican petunia, day flower, and hollyhock. It’s fun to have everything established enough to have loads of extras to share with neighbors.

While we were scavenging for her plants, I noticed a few new arrivals that have been summoned by our recent rains: blossoms on a couple of the fruit trees I planted last year, aother more traditional honeysuckle and the first bloom of my Passion flower vine with loads of extra buds waiting to join this sole leader…image image image image image

Couple of additions this year…

I missed the blooming of my Japenese honeysuckle last year so had been a bit nonplussed about it. But this past week, it has been smelling lovely as we come in and out of the front door.

And a slight disappointment that the clumps of leaves that were growing from seed turned out to be humdrum day flowers/spider wort. Not as exotic as I was hoping, but the bright blue tiny flower is quite stunning.image


Talavera Pottery addiction

I was chatting with my friend, Chris about how I liked blue and white talavera pottery but I’d hit up most places in Austin and depleted their stock. Unfortunately for my bank account, she let me know about a place out by the airport so I went and stocked up. Glad I only took the mini as I hate to think how much more I would have purchased in a bigger car!

image image image image