Sago Palm and Front Garden additions

Noticed the cool star shape from the new growth on the Sago Palm under our bedroom window:

Sago Palm full Sago Palm star

And the outbreak of new plants in the front garden. I think the mild weather may have fooled some of these plants not thinking that it is already spring:

Bluebonnet leaves Front left Front right

Sandy and I went to the Wildflower Center plant sale and got a couple of new plants. Of course, I was supposed to capture the name of the plant prior to putting it in the ground but I waited to long between planting and cataloging and now I’ll just have to try to name them once they are big enough to search for on the internet!

Sally and Sandy Wildflower plant sale Wine cup

Pride and Joy….rose update

I’m still marveling at the fact that David Austin roses can make it in the Texas heat. Plus, every time I walk by and smell the blooms or glance at them as I’m leaving from or returning to the house, they make me think of home and smile. Looks like the Golden Celebration are not as healthy as the Molinuex, but we shall see what next season shall bring. Glad that they bloom multiple times per year. I’m training a little rosemary bush which seems to be working better on the south side of the bed than the north or west. Again, something I can work on during the winter and spring:


I made the mistake of planting a David Austin rose and not writing down it’s name…it has a really fragrant and pretty bloom though. I’m getting better at cutting some roses to have in the house:

Mystery DA III Mystery DA Rose I Mystery DA Rose II

Random garden photos from October

This month, we saw the rabid morning glory from the next street make an appearance at the top of a tree:

Morning Glory Tree top

Trish and Sandy joined us for a game of football:

Cloverleaf Football

Tom, Delilah, and Mickey hung out in the back yard:

Tom Mickey Delilah sulk

Tom on hot tub Oct

Tom sunlight filter

Tom and Chris carved pumpkins:

Pumpkin carving

My work colleagues treated me to a gift certificate from Shoal Creek Nursery, and my reluctant gardener joined me on my plant buying spree:

Tom at Shoal Creek

Side views in September

I forget that September is probably the most visually impressive month for the side garden. This year the plants have overflowed into the street but I’m hesitant to cut them back as they look so colorful. I’m trying to get a full photo of the side each month so I can spot ’empty’ bits to add shrubs or bulbs or seed too at different times of the year:

side view vignette side view III side view II side view I side view IV side panoramic


September Bloomers

A selection from the garden in September:

The American Beauty Berry may only be stunning for a couple of months each year, but the pink berries brighten up the fall:

american beauty berry II american beauty berry

My blue pot with matching skull is lurking ready for Halloween:

blue pot skull

The shade garden and corner plot are showcasing climbing vines, huge elephant ears (surrounded by some pink turks cap), early bluebonnet leaves, and a regeneration of the holly hock:

corner vines

elephant ear

pink turks cap

hosta purple

early bird bluebonnet

hollyhock regen close up

hollyhock regeneration

In the back yard, the lost garden of cloverleaf continues to reveal surprises:

Firecracker with umbrella

morning glory bumble bee

morning glory I

orange esperanza

The pool plants have had a bit of a tidy up:

mexican sage I

mexican sage II

pool bush trimmed

And the pinks, purples, and reds seem to be the overbearing colors this month:

pink purple red purple sage cosmos purple salvia red salvia rock rose plumbago transplants