Garden distractions

There have been other interests distracting us from our gardening in August, including wanting to spend more time in the pool (this shot of Tom and Finn makes the landscaping look nice and lush but there is a mass of weeds lurking behind that pool wall), and the addition of a new puppy, Delilah. We’d forgotten how much work puppies are, but she is loads of fun and enjoys running laps around the edge of the garden (and swimming laps in the pool):

chives and delilah delilah plant flattener finn tom pool landscaping

Lost Gardens of Cloverleaf

Although I’ve been enjoying pottering in the garden since we got back, the weather is too hot to do too much before giving in to the urge for a swim or a glass of wine. Therefore, the planter in my back garden has become a little bit overgrown. Rather than lament my laziness, I’ve decided to embrace the idea of the Lost Garden of Heligan and transfer it to my very own corner of Cloverleaf. So instead of looking at the mass of overgrown plants as an eyesore, I’m regarding it as an experiment in wilderness gardening!

lost garden cloverleaf II lost garden cloverleaf III lost garden cloverleaf IV lost garden cloverleaf V lost garden of cloverleaf I

David Austin Roses

And in what is becoming a bit of an annual habit, Chris and I managed to sneak in a quick trip to David Austin Roses. We took loads of photos but I’m sharing just a few here–mainly of the roses we are considering for our 2015 additions to Cloverleaf corner. We can’t quite decide between A Shropshire Lad, Lady Emma Hamilton, or Lady of Shallot. Decisions, decisions…

a shropshire lad da entrance sally lady emma hamilton Lady of Shallot scene

The English Gardeners-Sylvia (GW; GGW)

For the first twenty or so years that we lived in America, Bromsgrove was our base whenever we went home. We’ve spent many an hour sitting in the back garden catching up, and it still looks lovely. I was too late to get any shots of the fabulous camellia tree, but there was still plenty of plants and flowers to admire:
hidden hedgehog

A pink rose bird house back corner blue and pink hydranga blue hydrangea Family Pink rose a Pond wild geranium II wild geranium












The Lost Gardens of Heligan Part I

Our initial plan was to spend a day at the Eden Project but then we found some information on the Lost Gardens of Heligan. Having already moved to America when the gardens were first rediscovered, we’d missed all the excitement and news shows on the gardens. It was a fantastic place to explore and somewhere that I have become fascinated with to the point of buying books on the history and even having my first go at a Heligan embroidery project (haven’t got very far since we got back to Austin though).

For information on the gardens and the history of the project start here:

Here’s the first batch of photos:

walled garden white rodendendum plant alien pink holly hock pet cemetry main house geranium greenhouse jungle red bell flower mass