Homemade pots and going to seed

So as not to have to take out a second mortgage just to finance my obsession with pots and planters, I found some stones at the back of the shed and had a go at making my own planter. And in tandem with everything bursting into life and taking over most of the garden, a few items are going to seed and it’s time to collect the seeds in preparation for next year!


It was a low-key Easter on Cloverleaf this year but we still managed to hunt some eggs and enjoy some seasonal blooms with neighbours. Can you spot the hidden eggs? Before the egg hunters woke up, I enjoyed a cup of tea in Sylvia’s robin mug and perused the back garden. Still so many jobs to do!



I have some luck with California poppies on Cloverleaf, but this year I scattered a load of poppy seeds from my friend, Satch’s garden. They’ve gone crazy–popped up all over the place. Love them.


It may not last very long, but I really enjoy the masses of larkspur that spring up all around the garden. They have spread so much that there are plenty of stems to cut back for arrangements inside the house. It’s pushing through the granite at the side of the car port and it’s a nice screen for the cars and there’s just enough room for a skinny path to walk by. Nothing like a bright purple flower to contrast the other greenery in the yard

New Project for March 2017

I’ve been debating what to do with the side garden at the back of the house for a while now. Over Christmas, Katie and I tried to find some large blue and white pots to match my patio collection but were unsuccessful. I’d also considered some modern metal planters. As I’ve been driving around checking out the spring stock at each of the local nurseries, I found myself drawn to the more rustic classic pots and decided to do an eclectic collection alone the fence. Despite my attempts to use my mini when I go to nurseries in order to limit my purchases, I always end up having to be creative to fit everything in! Here’s how the project¬†looks mid-completion.


Chinese Lanterns

I remember loving the paper thin exoticness of chinese lanterns in Wood Road. A couple of years ago, I found this abutilon plant which seemed to have a close resemblance to the orange blooms of Codsall. This year, the flurry of lanterns tripled and it’s quite a show stopper.


Sally's Allotment